Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saw V (2008)

SAW V (2008)

In accordance with all my other Saw reviews, as soon as I return from the midnight show the review goes up. (also keep in mind there are a few things I would like to "rip" in to about this movie but I am trying not to give away to much)

Similar to my Saw IV review DO NOT see this movie if you are not up to speed on the series, there is a lot of back tracking mainly through Saw 1, with a lot of things from Saw 2-4 thrown in there like sets that may have changed... (hint, hint).

In Saw IV fashion this movie is like a puzzle for example, the first thing you see is really some where in the middle, then the second thing is before the first. It is easier to follow than IV keeping in mind I loved Saw IV.

Blood, Guts, Gore... what more do you want from Saw? may be a "HOLY FUCK THAT JUST BLEW MY MIND" ending...

Speaking of the ending, what about the whole "you wont believe the ending" thing? here is my take, if you watch and listen... this task my be harder than you think considering is a movie... that you watch and listen to... but if you do me at least the ending was no surprise, the only thing that would have surprised me would have been Jigsaw returning from the dead.

In closing, sets up for Saw VI (Halloween, 2009) in my honest opinion as a fan of the series, unless they can pull something out of there ass ( like 5 was suppose to be) I hate to say it but Saw 6 needs to be the end. Other than that, better than Saw 2 & 3, not as good as 4, no where near Saw 1.

Movie Miguel Rating: 07.00 out of 10
(Last reviewed on 10.23.08)

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